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Our Story

With Goya we want to share our passion for coffee and Argentina with the people of Ghent

We started this adventure full of courage and enthusiasm. Martin was born and raised in the Argentinian city of Goya and settled in Belgium 11 years ago. In 2019, he started up the coffee truck to turn his passion for coffee and Argentine pastry into his profession.

Keri developed a love for Latin America and their food culture during an exchange in Paraguay in 2011. We met each other almost 6 years ago. Since then, our love for Argentina has only grown.

In 2020, we found the perfect place to realise our big dream and open our own coffee shop in addition to the coffee truck. In this way, we hope to involve you even more in our story and share our love for coffee and Argentina.

Fun fact!

Martin's Argentinian roots and love of coffee are also woven into our logo. The large tree in the logo can be found in Goya's town square. The leaves of the tree are shaped like coffee beans, emphasising our (delicious) speciality coffee.

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